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The Tilba Tree was born out of a simple idea, an idea that was conceived at about the same time I experienced my biggest life changing moment to date – the moment I became a mother. In that moment, I realised that I would be passing more than just my genes down to my children. This tremendous responsibility weighed heavily on my conscience. Of course, I was wonderfully excited about being a mother, but I also knew that I had to provide for them, nurture them and give them the framework that would ultimately enable them to live their own healthy and purposeful lives. What an immense task!

I myself have had to learn a lot about eating well and keeping healthy. I’ve certainly not been very consistent or good at it over the years, but due to a number of health issues and a family history of diabetes, I have come across a fair few practitioners who have advised me to try varying diets and eating plans. I have tried Low GI, Dairy and Gluten free, I’ve tried out the Paleo diet and even being Vegan for a short while. All these diets can get so confusing, and we all know that they last a good few weeks before they become boring and too difficult to maintain. To be honest, I would much prefer to do away with labelling them as diets, but rather adopt an all round ‘healthy’ lifestyle. So, with the odds of their genetic codes somewhat stacked against them, I knew I had to equip my daughters with a simple yet wholesome lifestyle. No diets or fads, and nothing they had to be too mindful of in their young age, but simply adopting a family mentality to ‘Just Eat Real Food’. Lucky for me, this term has recently become known by its nifty little acronym – JERF.  To JERF means to eat simply, and to adopt a grassroots mentality by avoiding highly processed foods. Sounds easy right? Well, I tell you now, all you can ever do in this life is try your best, and that we are doing. The Tilba Tree is the nurtured result of this transformation.

Some history: Growing up, the kitchen was always the heart of our home. I have many memories of watching my Grandmother boil up herbs and Indian spices for all sorts of ailments. She would create the most impressive South Indian style curries and dishes, there would always be a delightful little sweet or delicious treat for the grandchildren, and she could even make greens taste like heaven in a bowl – her vegetarian Tuesdays & Saturdays were often my favourite days of the week to be seated for a meal at her place.  Now that I have my own family and my own little kitchen, I am trying to relive this passion my grandmother has for creating food and fuelling her family with nutritious wholesome meals. I am exercising my creativity, I am trialling and re-testing out recipes, I am researching and coming across new and interesting superfoods from all corners of the Earth and spices that have numerous benefits. I am learning that by adopting a ‘give it a go’ attitude to wholesome food, we can enjoy nature’s fabulous offerings, all while maintaining health in our physical lives. And I am loving it!

And so that is how this journey began, and The Tilba Tree is a way for you to be a part of it, the recipes, the learnings and the fun that is parenting. I intend to share, inspire and hopefully motivate my readers, to find the best way they can each live their own healthy, fun and purposeful life.

About me: Before receiving the gift that is Motherhood, I was lucky enough to experience careers in Event Management, English Language Teaching and Journalism. As you now know, I am currently a stay at home mother to two wonderfully sweet and spirited young girls and a wife to the worlds most devoted and supportive husband. I have a passion for all things ‘family’ and am truly excited at the opportunity to learn more about raising children, nutritious food, our environment and serving the wider community through this Blog.

About the name: For those of you wondering about the chosen title of this blog… it came about purely by accident… literally. As you would imagine, I’ve been called many different sounding and awkwardly pronounced versions of my actual name over the years, but no such instance was as funny or ridiculous as the time my significant other (whom I had been dating for over 2 years at the time), mistakenly addressed me as ‘Tilba’ in the middle of a rather serious discussion. Needless to say, this spoken stumble certainly broke the ice and what began as a tedious and un-amusing conversation eventually concluded in lots of laughter. 8 years later, and I am married to the man who still endearingly calls me ‘Tilba’, and while the topic of that discussion has since been well and truly forgotten, the hilarity and timely execution of the faux pa will be remembered forever. Now complete with its own story to tell, The Tilba Tree is a place where you will find glimpses into ‘Tilba’s’ branches, the significant things in her life that she is passionate about living and about sharing with you all. So take a look around. 😉

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