So, us Mothers know that this journey we are on is truly a wild ride. A ‘job’ that will guarantee we will see and feel every emotion that is humanely possible. I have days of complete joy, and days where I want to hide away forever and question every decision I have ever made. Those are the days when I obviously don’t have it all together, but I keep on trying… because I love, with all my heart, those two little beings who were so generously gifted to me.. yes, ME!

Becoming a mother, has taught me to never take for granted the littlest things. There is just so much that brings me joy. Those wonderful moments of bliss while watching my daughters play so wonderfully together, the realisation that they not only enjoy each other, but love and care for one another. Catching glimpses of those sweet smiles as I put them down to sleep. Those ‘I love you Mum!’ moments that make me melt and want to hold on to them forever. Being a mother has also taught me that I don’t know everything about parenthood, no matter how much I thought I was prepared. It has humbled me, to realise that I am continuously learning on this journey, and that these doe-eyed, miniature humans could teach me so much.

This page, simply serves as a forum for sharing those  ‘ups’ and ‘downs’, the things I have learnt along the way, and the insights that other fellow Mothers can so generously share.

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